Special Benefits for Retail Innovation Club Community Members

As partners of the Retail Innovation Club Community, Shibolet is happy to offer community members two special benefits:

  • A consultation call with our Retail Tech expert – Itay Kellner, free of charge!
  • We invite RIC community members to use Jumpstart by Shibolet.


Itay is a partner in the High Tech practice at Shibolet and leads our firm’s Retailtech practice. His main focus is on early-stage start-ups, providing legal and business advice to start-ups in their initial stages and throughout their life-cycle.

Itay also represents technology companies, venture capital funds and individual entrepreneurs in a wide range of business transactions including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, strategic investments, joint ventures and licensing, distribution and marketing arrangements.

Itay is a mentor and advisor for entrepreneurs at the Ariel University’s Innovation Centre. Subscribe for a consultation call here.

JumpStart– A website created by Shibolet to specifically address the needs of startups and entrepreneurs. At the heart of JumpStart is a contracts and documents generator that helps creating legal documents you may need for your startup: from founders agreement to NDA and service agreement, it’s all there. In addition, you will find on JumpStart short, practical and easy-to-read articles covering a lot of the questions many entrepreneurs have. Another extremely useful tool found on JumpStart is the glossary– covering the entrepreneurial lingo A to Z.

Subscribe for a consultation call with Itay

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